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Slide design

I created four slides for the Siriani in Transito’s association’s website, which established a photography exhibition to give voice to those people fleeing war and hoping for a better life in our continent.


Three slides out of the four represent important phases of the Syrian exodus depicting Catania, Milan and Malmo while the last represents Europe as a whole.

For the first slide, which represents Catania, a city on the Sicilian cost, I used warm colours for recalling the joy after the sea voyage. For the second slide, Milan, I used dark colours to represent a moment of stalemate and uncertainty. For last slide, Malmo, I went back to soft colours to show that at long last a degree of serenity had crept into the lives of the Syrians after their epic and fraught journey.

Logo Design

I Designed the Logo in collaboration with Anna Ruggeri.

If, on the one hand, we have been inspired by the dream of legality where all passports have the same value in a fortress called Europe.

On the other hand, the imperfect ink’s effect recalls the precarious living conditions and the fingerprints, which are the first official form of identity and recognition in our continent.

The non-homogeneity colour finally evokes the recently unified European policy.