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Memory of "Home"

My project explores the meaning of home through those objects that help us to recall that feeling of home.

Some of the object are memories of long departed homes whilst others are symbols of a new home.  All of the objects conjure up particular recollections for the contributors which all take them to that place, that feeling, called home. 

I personally found myself questioning the notion of ‘home’- where it might be, what it means to me and what it means to others.

I developed this project after writing my thesis about how contemporary artists respond to the meaning of home. I think, ‘Home’ is not anymore just a house even if it can be, it is not anymore just a place even if it can be, it is not anymore just a country even if it can be. ‘Home’ is an idea; An idea that we might spend our entire life chasing or clutching at, or it might be assumed from our first breath.