A little something about me

I’m a Graphic Designer based in Milan.                    

My interest is in that space where design encourages and involves people, where technology embraces the old printmaking media, and where design is at the service of  society. Through my freelance work, university and Initiate-projects I had the opportunity to develop a better understanding of participatory design, social design typography and editorials.

Thanks to my studies I have learnt the value of

team-work and have evolved to become a valuable member of every team that I belonged to not only in terms of the contribution that I made but also as regards the encouragement and support I would give to others. In conclusion, I believe my design has been enriched by my experience abroad and by the multicultural environment I was surrounded by.


​what else:                                                                                             I love travelling, who doesn’t?                         

I’m fascinated by generative design, probably because I would love to do it but I don’t have the skills yet.                                                            

I’m devoted to my bike, her name is Camille and she transports me almost everywhere.   

I’d define myself as an atheist but I’m really interested in religions.